are getting on. Behind the scenes. And there is a gap, a huge one. Between generations.

But who are millenials?

This one makes interesting summary…

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This video have made a huge impression on me. Mainly because I have had through all my schooling an impression that something is very wrong with the education system anywhere.

Maybe I was just extremely good with one thing and then extremely bad with another. During my life all subjects that I have been extremely good at started loosing their magic and some subjects that I was extremely bad with started to cast magic on me.

I am technological person, that endeavour into subjects completely unrelated to my initial vocation. This is one of these “travels” elsewhere.

When thinking about above presentation I cannot but react strongly and form an opinion that we, as human race, need some new forms of education.

Only small number of talented people ever reach potential of their societal impact. My everyday observations is that most of the societal impact make people that are somehow by their life pre-requisition appeared at the positions of impact. This creates world with incompetent decision making abilities taking places that influence our lives. I cannot but wander what will happen if we have right people at the right places, and by definition we start doing that by educating our children. False education could only lead to false society. Somehow I have impression that intimately most of us humans wish that this would be the world we live in – where right people are at the right place.

What can be done this to happen?

First I would like to see an open education system, wikipedia is one of a kind, but it is encyclopedia not a learning system, it is more a open library system – to be a lecturing system it needs lecturers and students.

What I envision is Open Education University – a technological breakthrough that  would include modern technology to render teachings previously not possible. This University shall span the globe, shall be the same for each individual that wants to participate.

Individuals would take one or both roles of education, teaching or learning. Lecturing can be re-used for anyone interested, lecturing can be congregated, edited, extended.

Many sites on the net are somehow already like this but not in the form of a school or university.

We shall be able to measure each other and give credits for knowledge and abilities. Given merit we can bubble best of us as candidates for places.

Then there is another system that shall be established. A open placement.

Does all of this looks like unreachable ideal?

Internet was designed with nuclear war in mind. Live example is wikileaks resilience.

Visual Map of Wikileaks Mirrors – http://lab​​/wikileaks​/mirrors/

Information of common importance gone into wild, with dedication to a cause, tends to survive pressure to be extinct. Wikileaks is not successfully silenced within US jurisdiction according to a fairly large number of mirrors hosted there. Silencing leaks became too costly and thus next to impossible. To make matter worse, web is only one of information dissemination pathways.

On the other hand, if wikileaks at the end disappears, due the marginalization of a subject itself, leaks will surely continue to appear elsewhere, possibly with a new form of whistle-blowing neo-journalism like OpenLeaks that propose different model of operation (http://blo​gs.forbes.​com/andygr​eenberg/20​10/12/09/h​ow-openlea​ks-the-fir​st-wikilea​ks-spinoff​-will-work​/) With the popularity of leaking the information we can freely expect more forms of itransparency.

Pandora box of information transparency created by social networks will not be closed until info-society negotiates accountability on all levels from individual, via organizational, to a society as whole. During this process I can only expect hot debate about freedom of choice, freedom of expression and consequently delegation of these rights to other parties, other than (“informed”) individual at the end of the network.

Somehow we knew it but it was not obvious. Now wikileaks show its obviousness. Imperial America. Once it was Brits, previously France, Russia, Spain, Ottoman Turks, Romans… Again and again we see same social pattern:

Every successful social system after some time becomes Empire, until it becomes obvious that it became so when it starts showing its weaknesses, often failing to satisfy its own foundation principles.

Perfect time to toss a prophet in a soup of events.

Once prophet appears, forces that keep Empire together, combined with forces that are against very Empire, in bizarre togetherness go for witch-hunt. And Joan of Arc (and others before) burns, to the delight of the mass who demand its blood in the same time crying for their loss in nobility and courage to defend themselves.

Once prophet dies, we humans write history tales of great courage and contribution to human race of dead heroes. We eat our dead heroes to get their strength (metaphorically?) then since they are dead, we dissect them, study them, interpret them in order to learn about ourselves. And continuously fail to learn. Are we humans any more mature than we were 50.000 years ago? No. We just have much superior technology to fulfill what we have to do anyhow since we do not know better.

Any prophet that has courage to open our eyes deserve to die. It would be wrong to keep them alive, as we could not rise ourselves to the benefit of their understanding. Instead of learning directly we prefer to explain each other, in the way we understood, which gives us greater satisfaction. We become prophets without risk of being accountable.

Mass metaphysical dellusions, even applicable to many, personally do not give me confort.

Today I spotted a new fashion on Internet, a bit shocking but very logical, unexpected, yet present. It is only that I did not note it before. It has hit me like a train. I am currently stationed in Eastern Europe, and I was browsing an Australian News Site reading an local australian article – what struck me visually is advertising in local language – not Australian but local to my present physical location.

I never pay too much attention to advertising. On general terms, I am not trend buyer, rarely something catch my eye on ads. But this is somewhat hilarious to me. Australian news, Eastern Europe Ad. Obviously NewsZine is financing through advertising and target advertising is done through advertising agency (typically Google Ads). Got my location from IP location service and selected appropriate Ads. How appropriate? Well. In some terms yes, in some terms no.

Funny stories has been told about appropriateness of an add (advertising child control on religious site for example, boob job on a breast cancer site etc…), but this is new breed of appropriateness – geolocation biased not context biased. It use to drive me nuts when I travel that google search presents itself in a local language.  Particularly this is useless when you do not use local language at all – example when I was in arabic country – Arabic I do not speak nor I am able to read – presenting google search on arabic to me is plain useless, not to mention that geolocation redirection insists on presenting it in arabic even if you specify a global address, which caused me to use tweak address to be able to use google search. But this thing with ads is plain fantastic.

It has never been that you get a some local content with foreign content intermixed in clasical media. If I go to buy Australian News papers in America, I would get Australian Ads.That is logical – it is not only news that count – it also what has been offered there – it gives you a wider cultural picture. With this new approach we loose that part of an wider cultural picture. We read news that are far away from us, and expect to see what they have been offered there to get the glimpse of a far away place. Oh. No! The same ads I see on the street in Eastern Europe would be in reading Australian news. This redefines a purpose of an ad. Or maybe embraces it – depending of a view.

I am not particularly bound to old ways, but geolocation in some places simply do not make any sense to me. It is not more likely that I would buy a locally sold product if I see it in foreign newspapers. On the contrary, at least to me, such approach would drive me more nuts – stop pestering me!

On the other view it embraces a essence of an ad. You need to repeat reminding consumer about possibility of having a product that is available locally. Of course, i would read a local news, and of course I would occasionally pay attention to local ads. But reading Australian news and getting local ads is just plain funny and useless (avoiding to declare it stupid as some may so). Me being originally from Eastern Europe would maybe fail to notice a difference, but what value such ad has to an Australian who happened to be present in Eastern Europe reading his/her favorite online magazine. This is even more hilarious to ponder.

Google please pay attention! I would like to read australian ad on australian news papers, it seems appropriate. Answer would be possibly – move to Australia then…. we are going to remind you where you are – Local advertising interest is there.

Happy browsing.

Digital limitations create symbolism which create microcode language. Twitter is interesting social experiment in this sense. Limitation about micro blog posting and irc type of social encoding make a specific social language that could be seen as social programming language. It takes a personal skill development to decipher ideas with an aid of digital reference tools. Implied density of information will continue with new paradigms and additional microcoding until tokens are exhausted and token combination is only solution for taxonomy diversity. Where is upper limit? Like in C language where almost any random characters typed on a keyboard can be interpreted as some programming statement in microcoding twitter posts almost anything will be possible within couple of generations. Consequently the upper limit is only what people will be able to consume. A coolness is a factor. Literacy is changing, digital literacy is becoming skill od decoding. We went a long way from assembly languages to high level abstract languages dealing with object symbols. Are we to define a new compiler – a social human – and do microcode programming? If we take it from the history, its an dead end. But whole new generation still has to learn, and unlearn that digital limitations do not last for long. Is twitter a dead end? Not really, as a function it will stay, but not as a form.

I have been awaiting a decent tablet for over 3 decades. Maybe Apple Tablet are finally answer to my prayers.

In late 70ties with a bunch of friends I have been developing digital hardware and we talked about making a device that would incorporate light pen and have no keyboard. Idea we envisioned then was replacement of writing paper pad and pen, an information technology that has been following us from old Egypt (ink and papirus) and old Chinese civilizations. Pen and Paper has seen many improvements over centuries but remained conceptually unchanged – have a space to write, apply some ink to it and then copy, distribute or store.

Computers have changed our life as information tool allowing us to author content better, to edit, reconsider, calculate, store, move, share information and with advent of internet communicate. In spite of rapid success they did not fully replaced writing pad nor book. In some ways books and writing pads are technologically superior – they do not need electricity to work.

Industry alonside with market has over decades playing cat and mice game. A new device comes on, and either succed or get busted. Mouse as input tool won acceptance, pen tablet as input has always been limited. Apple Newton (in 90tes) has been heavily criticized but idea got hooked up through Palm and Symbian writing recognition inputs.

Are we at the verge of significant computing change with this device. Soon we’ll know.

Almost 90% of TOP500 supercomputers use Linux

If i write something I could influence your thought. You may become follower or opponent. An opponent has same right to express a view thus gaining followers and opponents. We all just fall into these two categories – it is personal where we will stand. Now, Scale up the system – what statistic will say? – many of us following one idea or being opponent of it – this is the modus operandi of the world. Major problem is however if many followers are just blinded and then when thought leader is at error. Being opponent doesn’t always lead to be correct to the real world. Introduce scrupulous ethics and you see that ideas are done for personal gains. How much you can really believe to a leader lest follower? How long lives an idea before it is abused? Its just a power of insisting that keeps some ideas afloat – regardless if they are good or bad. We escalate them either to Peace or War. Reality bends to the power of mind becoming less or more real….? it is a paradox. We want, so we create, regardless of the correctness or reality. Paradox is that reality is often larger and more complex – we just not see this complexity – reality is purely ours in almost all cases.