We people are facinated with freedom. Especially when we feel that there is lack of it, and then when that lack of freedom applies to this particular individual.

It becomes easy to manipulate mass of people once you show them that they are deprived of some freedom. You only need to advertise it. And then watch the ball rolling. Politicians know this. Revolutions happen when there is critical mass. There is always that one individual that represents need for revolution a role model of a person.

If situation allows forces for things to happen – revolution will succeed. People will celebrate – we love it. We have gained new freedom.

Such new freedom will last only this long – until we realize that our system of living did not change much by applying this freedom. We will live and seek another freedom to achieve.

For ones in power agenda will be different. They would need to control newly achieved system. With more control it comes to dictatorship. And some freedoms get limited by control. A new freedoms needed to be achieved.

Then we iterate process yet again.