If i write something I could influence your thought. You may become follower or opponent. An opponent has same right to express a view thus gaining followers and opponents. We all just fall into these two categories – it is personal where we will stand. Now, Scale up the system – what statistic will say? – many of us following one idea or being opponent of it – this is the modus operandi of the world. Major problem is however if many followers are just blinded and then when thought leader is at error. Being opponent doesn’t always lead to be correct to the real world. Introduce scrupulous ethics and you see that ideas are done for personal gains. How much you can really believe to a leader lest follower? How long lives an idea before it is abused? Its just a power of insisting that keeps some ideas afloat – regardless if they are good or bad. We escalate them either to Peace or War. Reality bends to the power of mind becoming less or more real….? it is a paradox. We want, so we create, regardless of the correctness or reality. Paradox is that reality is often larger and more complex – we just not see this complexity – reality is purely ours in almost all cases.