I have been awaiting a decent tablet for over 3 decades. Maybe Apple Tablet are finally answer to my prayers.

In late 70ties with a bunch of friends I have been developing digital hardware and we talked about making a device that would incorporate light pen and have no keyboard. Idea we envisioned then was replacement of writing paper pad and pen, an information technology that has been following us from old Egypt (ink and papirus) and old Chinese civilizations. Pen and Paper has seen many improvements over centuries but remained conceptually unchanged – have a space to write, apply some ink to it and then copy, distribute or store.

Computers have changed our life as information tool allowing us to author content better, to edit, reconsider, calculate, store, move, share information and with advent of internet communicate. In spite of rapid success they did not fully replaced writing pad nor book. In some ways books and writing pads are technologically superior – they do not need electricity to work.

Industry alonside with market has over decades playing cat and mice game. A new device comes on, and either succed or get busted. Mouse as input tool won acceptance, pen tablet as input has always been limited. Apple Newton (in 90tes) has been heavily criticized but idea got hooked up through Palm and Symbian writing recognition inputs.

Are we at the verge of significant computing change with this device. Soon we’ll know.