Digital limitations create symbolism which create microcode language. Twitter is interesting social experiment in this sense. Limitation about micro blog posting and irc type of social encoding make a specific social language that could be seen as social programming language. It takes a personal skill development to decipher ideas with an aid of digital reference tools. Implied density of information will continue with new paradigms and additional microcoding until tokens are exhausted and token combination is only solution for taxonomy diversity. Where is upper limit? Like in C language where almost any random characters typed on a keyboard can be interpreted as some programming statement in microcoding twitter posts almost anything will be possible within couple of generations. Consequently the upper limit is only what people will be able to consume. A coolness is a factor. Literacy is changing, digital literacy is becoming skill od decoding. We went a long way from assembly languages to high level abstract languages dealing with object symbols. Are we to define a new compiler – a social human – and do microcode programming? If we take it from the history, its an dead end. But whole new generation still has to learn, and unlearn that digital limitations do not last for long. Is twitter a dead end? Not really, as a function it will stay, but not as a form.