Somehow we knew it but it was not obvious. Now wikileaks show its obviousness. Imperial America. Once it was Brits, previously France, Russia, Spain, Ottoman Turks, Romans… Again and again we see same social pattern:

Every successful social system after some time becomes Empire, until it becomes obvious that it became so when it starts showing its weaknesses, often failing to satisfy its own foundation principles.

Perfect time to toss a prophet in a soup of events.

Once prophet appears, forces that keep Empire together, combined with forces that are against very Empire, in bizarre togetherness go for witch-hunt. And Joan of Arc (and others before) burns, to the delight of the mass who demand its blood in the same time crying for their loss in nobility and courage to defend themselves.

Once prophet dies, we humans write history tales of great courage and contribution to human race of dead heroes. We eat our dead heroes to get their strength (metaphorically?) then since they are dead, we dissect them, study them, interpret them in order to learn about ourselves. And continuously fail to learn. Are we humans any more mature than we were 50.000 years ago? No. We just have much superior technology to fulfill what we have to do anyhow since we do not know better.

Any prophet that has courage to open our eyes deserve to die. It would be wrong to keep them alive, as we could not rise ourselves to the benefit of their understanding. Instead of learning directly we prefer to explain each other, in the way we understood, which gives us greater satisfaction. We become prophets without risk of being accountable.