Internet was designed with nuclear war in mind. Live example is wikileaks resilience.

Visual Map of Wikileaks Mirrors – http://lab​​/wikileaks​/mirrors/

Information of common importance gone into wild, with dedication to a cause, tends to survive pressure to be extinct. Wikileaks is not successfully silenced within US jurisdiction according to a fairly large number of mirrors hosted there. Silencing leaks became too costly and thus next to impossible. To make matter worse, web is only one of information dissemination pathways.

On the other hand, if wikileaks at the end disappears, due the marginalization of a subject itself, leaks will surely continue to appear elsewhere, possibly with a new form of whistle-blowing neo-journalism like OpenLeaks that propose different model of operation (http://blo​gs.forbes.​com/andygr​eenberg/20​10/12/09/h​ow-openlea​ks-the-fir​st-wikilea​ks-spinoff​-will-work​/) With the popularity of leaking the information we can freely expect more forms of itransparency.

Pandora box of information transparency created by social networks will not be closed until info-society negotiates accountability on all levels from individual, via organizational, to a society as whole. During this process I can only expect hot debate about freedom of choice, freedom of expression and consequently delegation of these rights to other parties, other than (“informed”) individual at the end of the network.