This video have made a huge impression on me. Mainly because I have had through all my schooling an impression that something is very wrong with the education system anywhere.

Maybe I was just extremely good with one thing and then extremely bad with another. During my life all subjects that I have been extremely good at started loosing their magic and some subjects that I was extremely bad with started to cast magic on me.

I am technological person, that endeavour into subjects completely unrelated to my initial vocation. This is one of these “travels” elsewhere.

When thinking about above presentation I cannot but react strongly and form an opinion that we, as human race, need some new forms of education.

Only small number of talented people ever reach potential of their societal impact. My everyday observations is that most of the societal impact make people that are somehow by their life pre-requisition appeared at the positions of impact. This creates world with incompetent decision making abilities taking places that influence our lives. I cannot but wander what will happen if we have right people at the right places, and by definition we start doing that by educating our children. False education could only lead to false society. Somehow I have impression that intimately most of us humans wish that this would be the world we live in – where right people are at the right place.

What can be done this to happen?

First I would like to see an open education system, wikipedia is one of a kind, but it is encyclopedia not a learning system, it is more a open library system – to be a lecturing system it needs lecturers and students.

What I envision is Open Education University – a technological breakthrough that  would include modern technology to render teachings previously not possible. This University shall span the globe, shall be the same for each individual that wants to participate.

Individuals would take one or both roles of education, teaching or learning. Lecturing can be re-used for anyone interested, lecturing can be congregated, edited, extended.

Many sites on the net are somehow already like this but not in the form of a school or university.

We shall be able to measure each other and give credits for knowledge and abilities. Given merit we can bubble best of us as candidates for places.

Then there is another system that shall be established. A open placement.

Does all of this looks like unreachable ideal?